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Puck Luck Hockey is an online hockey-inspired T-shirt & apparel brand created by (Me) Brian Estrela, a Graphic Designer from Boston, MA. I've been a professional designer for 10+ years, but a hockey fan since... birth. Apparently I told my Mom I didn't need to go to school because I already knew everything about the Bruins... I still think I was right. I grew up constantly drawing and tracing hockey logos, players, and goalies. I still have some, check 'em out. So here I am years later and I finally figured it out... I want to combine my 2 biggest passions, Design + Hockey! Hockey players are their own breed. We have our own language. I've always wanted to put hockey slang, and my own illustrations on tees. So here they are!

Thanks for stopping by my store, and if you like what you see, why not bring a little Puck Luck with you to your next game? 

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